The Schaubies' Story |||

The Last Schaubie

Personal log by Fred, 10th August

I am the last of the Schaubies to leave our vessel today. Carlos, Li and Robert have already embarked - either back to their home planets or to different missions. The laboratories and quarters of our vessel have been tidied up, equipment has been packed away, the fridge is empty.

From the kitchen window I can see one of the stations through which vessels circulate this strange solar system, taking passengers wherever they are heading. For the last time I listen to the sounds which have become part of my life in the last four weeks - vessels approaching and leaving, announcements, the sound of the doors closing…


I think of time I have had here: the questions, experiments, doubts and revelations; the excitement of experiment outcomes; the time-paradoxes in which time flowed so slow I thought it might not move at all while passing much too quickly; the laughter; the Schaubies.

Thank you Schaubude for being our vessel! It was a great time.

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