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The Schaubies' Story
The Last Schaubie Personal log by Fred, 10th August I am the last of the Schaubies to leave our vessel today. Carlos, Li and Robert have already embarked - either Aug 10, 2020 personal logs
The Last Schaubie Aug 10, 2020 personal logs Personal log by Fred, 10th August I am the last of the Schaubies to leave our vessel today. Carlos, Li and Robert have already embarked - either Chain story Aug 6, 2020 Experiments & Computer Vision someone took a picture and fed the Google Vision API with it, receiving labels of what it sees. From this, someone else writes a description of the Live with a computer vision software Aug 4, 2020 Experiments & Computer Vision airplane zebra person bottle (blue) and suitcase (orange) cat bird frisbee Baby steps with our own vision AI Aug 3, 2020 Experiments & Computer Vision the colors of the boxes indicate turquoise: clouds beige: whale white: dinosaur …and taking then the labels of the vision AI as an input to tell a Telling worlds Aug 3, 2020 personal logs (This post gives away a few plot points from Le Guin’s The Shobies’ Story.) Image from Wikimedia Commons The first of my posts on Semiotics the technology of collaborative work, and other feelings Jul 31, 2020 personal logs I don’t have much experience with “technology” (this so-general use of the word implies how little). In The Shobies’ Story by Ursula K. Leguin, Boxes, Boxes Everywhere Jul 30, 2020 personal logs Personal Log by Fred, 30.07.2020 This week I spent one afternoon drawing boxes around the whales that I saw in 200 pictures of whales and around Connecting the dots Jul 29, 2020 personal logs This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post The cat and the musician. (Image from Openclipart) By pointing and saying “This is a cat”, or by having do sheep dream of fluffy robots? Jul 29, 2020 Machines a cupboard object-theater-artist AI The cat and the musician Jul 28, 2020 personal logs “Suppose now that I point my forefinger toward a cat, saying: /This is a cat/. […] At this point the referent-cat is no longer a mere physical week#3 Jul 27, 2020 Computer Vision human spelling mistake was later corrected games x3 Jul 26, 2020 Experiments We were interested in working with the probabilities that google vision API attaches to the label recognition of our images. What does it mean to 21282 sci-fi images (for neural-network training) Jul 25, 2020 personal logs This week I downloaded twenty-one thousand two-hundred and eighty-two images according to the following search terms: 934 asteroids 942 astronauts Narration Jul 22, 2020 Experiments 1. Using the tags and labels of the google vision API to write a story, keeping the values of probabilities: There was a “Transparent material Image Description and Restaging Jul 22, 2020 Experiments Using the tags of objects of the Google Vision API to describe the picture: This piece of photography shows the dark night sky with a long white Trying the google vision API with drawings Jul 22, 2020 Experiments ….Carlos is not recognised as a person day#5 Jul 20, 2020 Computer Vision Adding a visualisation of what objects the Google Vision API recognizes gcloud Vision API Example Jul 16, 2020 personal logs As a start it is a good practise to create a project folder and create a virtual environment. Create the environment like this: activate it with: day#4 Jul 16, 2020 Experiments & Computer Vision So here are some examples what the Google Vision AI „sees“ in the pictures we got out of yesterday’s experiment. „labels“ refers to general topics day#3 Jul 16, 2020 Experiments Exploring human recognition One person arranges objects on stage. All the Schaubies take pictures of constellations of things in which they
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