The Schaubies' Story |||

1. Using the tags and labels of the google vision API to write a story, keeping the values of probabilities:

There was a Transparent material (0.8458479)” in the Water (0.8073041)” Glass (0.66464984)”, perhaps Sky (0.5326111)” or Steel (0.5102375)”. My Black (0.96300036)” and White (0.95470667)”, Monochrome (0.8530873)”, life. Darkness (0.83082676)” is mostly what I knew. I wished for Sunlight (0.66977245)” to hold my Hand (0.721658)”, or for a nice Person (0.5684042)” to come around. In Close-up (0.7843409)”, everything looks the same. In this Room (0.6566393)” I’ll die. How sad, like a Plastic wrap (0.5424042)” or Packaged goods (0.578561)”. Moving no Muscle (0.6424194)”, I will stop. An Insect (0.8102212)” is more probable than me. Lost in Space (0.73160774)”, dismantled into Auto part (0.61177397)”s, I cry softly. I try to remember how Wool (0.9254733)” feels like, but no use… My senses meet a Wall (0.7999515)”. Will I ever stop to be lonely?

2. creating an installation with objects, inpired by the story:

Experiment: narration

3. creating a video-essay of text&objects: watch here

4. feeding the google API with the pictures of the installation, receiving higher certainty recognition of objects, writing a new tory:

I did not know much else than the Black-and-white (0.90980256)” Room (0.71392286)”. How could I? There was Light (0.9027224)” and Darkness (0.89048916)” but not so much more. I was sitting next to my Night (0.6817376)” Table (0.6722553)”, trying to make sense of Photography (0.73799706)”. The Transparent material (0.5020536)” that I might am or might not, lost in Space (0.5419734)”. The Furniture (0.73779374)” around me spinning with only a Lantern (0.70587707)” as my guide. How will I pass this Night (0.83534986)”? It was Crystal (0.817184)” clear to me then — I must Dress (0.6146649)” up and go out into the Street light (0.74659723)”.

—> would it be interesting to build another installation, and so on?


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